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Traffic on The Rhine
Lorch 2
Herr Schneider gives us his insight of Lorch am Rhein
Lorch 3
Hilltop and rooftop in Lorch
Lorch 4
The Rhine is a working river
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What is that?
Lorch 6
Hillside vineyards and Rhine town
Lorch 7
Town of Sankt Goar above stand the ruins of Burg Rheinfels
Lorch 8
Rheinfels CastleIt was started in 1245 by Count Diether V of Katzenelnbogen
Lorch 9
Many cargo vessels up and down the river, really spectacular!
Lorch 10
Pfalzgrafenstein Castle functioned as a toll-collecting station that was not to be ignored

"To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted." - Bill Bryson

Day 3 - 4 Lorch, Germany
Pay your toll or go to the dungeon!

Our hotel in Lorch was located in the town's former elementary school which was newly refurbished with very modern urban look. We arrived late in the day and had a group dinner at a local restaurant, Altenkirch, which has its own winery. We were treated to their "fresh" white wine, Riesling cream soup, homemade meatballs with chanterelle mushrooms, potato salad, and a crepe with ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert.

The next morning we hit the sidewalks early for a walking tour of Lorch with our local guide, Herr Schneider. He took us to a winery, to a tower with a dungeon used at one time for "crazy wives," and to St. Martin of Tours church (the patron saint of our tour guide, Martin, no doubt). Throughout the tour, we learned about life in Lorch, both past and present. Lorch was once the home of an army base which closed around 2008, so it is having to reinvent itself to make up for the jobs that were lost. The scenic town's wineries and restaurants hopefully will make it a tourist destination, however, I hope it will still retain its small town charm.

After the walking tour, it was onto our bus for a short ride to a ferry which dropped us off at the lovely river town of Sankt Goar where we strolled around for a while and had lunch. Then it was an uphill climb (or bus ride) for our tour of the 13th century Rheinfels castle. As we toured the castle, our castle guide filled us in on the feudal economy and how the castle was defended. We took our daily afternoon wine break on the relaxing hour-long ferryboat ride back to Lorch. It was interesting to see all the commercial traffic on the Rhine. Again, I was impressed at how much we do, learn and see in one day thanks to the tour's organization. It's also nice not to have to take out some euros or a credit card for each activity we do. It's included!


Exploring Germany's Rhine Valley Delights

Living in a small town in North Carolina, we can get lots of barbeque and grits, but no German food at restaurants. We used to live in Chicago and get some great German food in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so tasting the German food here was like going back to our roots. I LOVE food so eating breakfast, lunch and dinner for 21+ days in 6 different countries was heaven for me. When we go out to eat and have a meal we really enjoy, I try to recreate it at home. My favorite meal in Lorch was at the winery just down the street from our hotel. I even used some of my college German to order our meal. I had wild boar sausages, sauerkraut, and the most delicious crispy roasted potatoes. When we got home I made a dinner of bratwurst (no wild boar though), sauerkraut and some crispy roasted potatoes and paired it with a German Riesling of course. What a nice way to remember the "gut" times we had in Lorch!


    • Walking tour of Lorch
    • Rheinfels Castle tour
    • Boat ride down the Rhine
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