Tico Food

Plaintain Appetizers
Chicken & Rice with French Fries
Enjoying an Imperial Beer
Seaside Dining
Tico Bowl
Grilled Tuna Lunch
Seafood Rice
Fish, Rice & Beans
Blackened Sea Bass
Happy Lobster Soda
Red Snapper with Mushroom-Shrimp Butter Sauce
Small Roadside Soda
Tico Chicken Tacos
Cows at Soda
Pesto Gnocchetti
Spaghetti Carbonara
Chicken Quesadilla
Roast Beef Wrap, Salad & Potato Salad
Roast Beef Wrap, Salad & Potato Salad
El Gran Abuelo Parrillada   Location
Tico Pizza

Costa Rican cuisine is known for being fairly mild, with high reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables. Rice and black beans are a staple of most traditional Costa Rican meals, often served three times a day. Costa Rican fare is nutritionally well rounded, and nearly always cooked from scratch from fresh ingredients. Traditional meals have a home-cooked, comforting feel to them.

Day 1 - 14
Ocean Front Dining Dominical

Some of the best dining in Costa Rica is found at a “Soda”. Sodas are roadside family-run restaurants. They are open-air structures with a roof to shade the tables and open sides allowing the warm breezes flow through. Very tropical! They serve Tico food: chicken and rice, fish, salad and smoothies. We tried ceviche for the first time and really enjoyed the fresh-tasting shrimp and fish in it. Our favorite meal was at the Happy Lobster red snapper with a mushroom-shrimp butter sauce, salad and fries. One of the best meals ever! We also enjoyed gallo pinto, the traditional rice and beans served at breakfast. It’s minced onion, red and green pepper, black beans, rice and seasoning. Fills you up. Every salad that we had was artfully presented. Not the usual boring iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and tomato, but romaine, red cabbage, shredded carrots, etc. served with DIY oil and vinegar. We sampled quite a few smoothies—mango and tumeric, blackberry, and my favorite: pineapple-apple with cinnamon. Several sodas had their own handmade wood fired pizza ovens for us Northerners.

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